If you are just starting customer support, it may seem that using email would be sufficient to help customers out and resolve their issues.

However, the truth is that relying solely on your email service provider for customer support can be ineffective and can quickly turn into a mess.

Ineffective, because a particular email might get lost in a sea of other emails or fall into spam for instance. Messy, because the sheer amount of support emails that come through in a day is bound to mess up something.

A global world and the internet helped open the market for businesses that are now present in all parts of the world, at least virtually.


The first customers’ inquiry is obviously to have a quick response 24/7 and handling that volume of work is not possible with regular email or phone calls. Companies need customer support software to automate the work.

A minimum requirement of all customer support software should be to convert social media messages, live chat queries, email messages, and even phone calls into tickets for the customer support representatives to answer.

As there are so many of these types of software out there, picking the right one is not easy.

Most companies will first try one of the most popular solutions, like LiveChat.

LiveChat is a premium customer support software used by over 28,000 companies in over 150 countries.

LiveChat's advantages

It works across multiple channels and helps you manage all customer interactions in one place. This should lead to more effective customer service.

LiveChat’s features a live chat (no pun intended!) widget that helps support your customers online and boosts your website's prestige.


It can work on multiple websites all from a single account.

There are also interactive rich and personalized greetings based on the customer’s location, visited pages, and time spent on the website.

LiveChat's shortcomings and problems

LiveChat can be glitchy for extended periods. Many users (us included) had to tweak and make adjustments to get it to work.

If you want to customize it to match your brand (and you should!), you will spend a lot of time on quality assurance across multiple browsers, resolutions, and platforms.

It can also be unstable and cause a loss of communication with the customer.

If you suffered from these or other issues with LiveChat, or you want to see what else is available, keep reading as we will be exploring the best LiveChat alternatives.

Our rating system

Before showing you the best LiveChat alternatives, we first need to show you how we chose and ranked the LiveChat alternatives.

We tested out over 20 of the best customer support software for ten days. Once we settled on the best three, we performed even more rigorous tests using similar web apps.

Our ratings focus on:

  • User experience – How easy is it to use the customer support software?
  • Standout features – What are they? How good are they?
  • Pricing – Is the software worth the price it costs?
  • Customer support effectiveness – How good is the company's support?

Now that we clarified that, here are the best three LiveChat alternatives that we recommend.

UpSend.io – The best LiveChat alternative for early-stage startups looking to communicate and engage with their customers

Early-stage startups and companies that are looking for an all-in-one customer engagement and communication platform should definitely consider UpSend.

What makes UpSend different from other LiveChat alternatives is their mission and vision.

UpSend was developed with the intention to offer early-stage startups a reasonably priced customer support platform.

Advantages of UpSend.io

UpSend offers a single, unified dashboard from which your customer support representative can answer all the messages they receive, no matter the channel your customers or prospects sent it from.

UpSend works as a live chat widget right on your website or inside of your app. The choice is entirely up to you.

If you opt-out to keep UpSend on your website, you can answer both prospective and current customers.

If you choose to place UpSend inside your app, you can help your customers better navigate and understand your app.

Another useful feature of UpSend is the knowledge base, which allows you to gather all your know-how and information about your products and services into one place.

Having a single site that stores all your essential info will help your customer support representatives find the information they are looking for more quickly.

The faster they are to find the needed info, the quicker they can answer the customer, leading to better customer satisfaction.

Shortcomings of UpSend.io

UpSend is currently in pre-launch, there are some issues with the software which is perfectly normal in the pre-launch stage. However, all of them will be fixed before the app is publicly released.

UpSend.io's pricing

If you sign up now for UpSend's waitlist, you could get up to 50% discount on the app once it launches.

In addition to the discount, if you sign up now, you could also win a free Premium plan.


UpSend.io vs. LiveChat – how are they different?

LiveChat is a much more robust app than UpSend. That is not necessarily a bad thing, since UpSend offers more streamlined features, it is also a lot snappier to use.

UpSend.io's ratings as one of the best LiveChat alternatives

  • User experience: 4/5
  • Standout features: 5/5
  • Pricing : 5/5
  • Customer support effectiveness: 5/5
  • Total : 4.75/5

Tidio – One of the best LiveChat alternatives if you are looking for a chatbot-heavy customer support solution

Tidio is a live chat software designed for those companies looking to automate some parts of their customer support efforts.

It is powered by AI and chatbots to help you get more sales and better customer engagement.


Advantages of Tidio

Tidio works similarly to UpSend, LiveChat, and other customer support solutions by streamlining all your customer messages into a single dashboard.

What makes Tidio unique is the AI inside the dashboard that analyzes all the received messages and comes up with predefined answers that are fed to the customer via chatbots.

The chatbots can also help with lead generation, cart abandonment, and upselling additional products or services you offer.

Shortcomings of Tidio

Some basic features which are free in UpSend and other LiveChat alternatives are to be paid in Tidio, which is a huge minus if you are looking to save a couple of bucks.

Since chatbots and AI power Tidio, it can take some time for users to get used to how Tidio works, especially those that never worked with chatbots before.

Tidio's pricing

There are four plans – one is free, and the other three are not. The free plan offers basic live chat, email, and chatbot features.

The other three plans differ in the number of chatbots, how in-depth the user segmentation and email-focused features are.


Tidio vs. LiveChat – how are they different?

The most significant difference between the two apps is that Tidio is AI-powered chatbots. It makes Tidio a pretty unique customer service software offering.

idio's ratings as one of the best LiveChat alternatives

  • User experience: 3/5
  • Standout features: 5/5
  • Pricing: 4/5
  • Customer support effectiveness: 5/5
  • Total: 4.25/5

Crisp – The best LiveChat alternative for SMBs

Crips is a customer messaging platform that gives your customer messaging experience a human touch.

They do this by simplifying and streamlining your customer messaging into one shared inbox.


Advantages of Crisp

Crisp features rich-media sharing, customizability, automation, and a full-fledged CRM. All of these features should help provide a more proactive customer service experience for your customers.

Shortcomings of Crisp

The most significant issue that we ran into was late notifications, especially on mobile. This could negatively affect your customer satisfaction.

Crisp's pricing

There are three plans available: a free one with all the essential features, an $25 per month for early-stage startups, and a $95 per month full-features plan.


Crisp vs. LiveChat – how are they different?

Crisp and LiveChat are quite similar in the number and the types of features they offer.

The most significant difference between the two is the pricing. Crisp's prices range from free to $95 per month, while LiveChat's prices are from $16 to $59.

Crisp's ratings as one of the best LiveChat alternatives

  • User experience: 4/5
  • Standout features: 4/5
  • Pricing: 3/5
  • Customer support effectiveness: 5/5
  • Total: 4/5

Final thoughts

These are the three best LiveChat alternatives out of the 20 existing ones that we have tested. When choosing the one that suits you best, remember what you plan on achieving with the software, since it is not likely that all three of them will work for your specific case.

If you are looking for a LiveChat that is reasonably priced, snappy, and works with all your communication channels, UpSend is the right LiveChat alternative for you.