When a company focuses on customers, their needs, and requirements, it means such a company is service-oriented. This is a culture that is practiced by companies to show that they value their customers above any other thing. This is a culture that encourages companies to reach out to their customers to understand their needs so that they can provide them with efficient service quickly. By getting to know what customers want, you have a greater chance of providing exactly what they need.

Most companies are only interested in making a higher profit, which means they only think of increasing sales forgetting that the progress of the company depends on its customers. Companies, which are only, profit-oriented end up struggling at the market levels since competitors with customer-oriented skills would end up snatching their customers.

Customer service should not only be limited to meeting customers' needs and requirements but also must develop respect for them. Certain customers might be very difficult but you, as a business with the aim of growth must develop strategies to deal with customers of such nature. Customer services oriented can be exhibited at three levels. At level 1 which is considered as the basic level, the company tries to set up a response team that can and will respond to customers' requests in an informed and polite manner and directs them to appropriate persons or sources. At level 2, the customer service-oriented team, work in partnership with customers to solve their problems, sustain a productive working relationship with customers, and possess detailed knowledge of services and service standards. The last level is geared towards addressing difficulties with customers before such difficulties escalate, going out of the way to help customers, proactively engaging with customers, and identifying what needs to be improved to better satisfy the customers' expectation

Importance of customer service oriented

A company's survival does not only depends on its workers. Customers also play a major role in the success of a company. It is therefore important for a company to be customer service oriented since it may end up losing its customers to competitors who serve them better.

A company's attitude towards its customers determines the rate at which the customers will patronize its products. A company also has the chance of getting new customers through existing ones as they may recommend the company's product and services to other people. This will only happen when you treat your customers (existing) well. A company also has the chance of getting more legal customers.

Why should you shift your focus to being customer service-oriented?

There are a lot of reasons you should shift your focus to being customer service oriented. Among the many reasons, few are given below:

Attracts Loyal Customers

Loyal customers are what every business brand is looking for. When there is a social connection between you and your customers it goes beyond just business. When customers' difficulties are always resolved by your customer service it creates an awareness that customers' are in the right hands and that the company will always provide solutions to their problems. When this kind of relationship is built, customers will be easy to forgive the flaws of the brand and always stay loyal because they know you will not let them down.

Customers Can Recommend Your Brand for Others

Customers are the backbone of every business endeavor because without them there will be no transaction and if there are no transactions the business will eventually collapse. If customers are well treated by your customer service they will recommend your brand to family and friends. So shifting your focus to being customer service-oriented is a great way of optimizing your business.

Good Reviews and High Ratings

When customer are satisfied with your services they will always leave behind good reviews and high ratings for your business. In recent times people hardly buy things without reading reviews and checking the ratings of that thing by others. So if you provide better customer service, your customers will always leave good reviews and high ratings for your products and service which will eventually attract more customers.

How To Become A Customer Service Oriented?

As we already know that being a customer service oriented means meeting the need and requirement of customers and also have much respect for them, a company or an individual can be customer-oriented by delivering exactly what they promise in adverts. A company should also orient its customers on the usage of its products. One must also learn to be submissive to its customers but not in cases where you realize the customer's attitude will go against the progress of the business. Learn to deliver to your customers their needs on time.

Adaptation of Customer-Oriented Service

One must adopt a customer-oriented service and this can be done in many ways. A company can adopt this culture by employing people with customer-oriented service skills, educating workers on how to handle each customer, and educating customers on the usage of the product or service even before they request.

To conclude, a company with the aim of growth should not only focus on making a profit but also take into consideration the need and requirements of its customers. A company must, therefore, know that customers play a major role in its success and needs to be treated well. Most people are like an egg. The moment you lose them, getting them back will be very difficult. Therefore handle your customers exactly as you do for an egg.