First impression is the best impression and this is quite true in the case of email marketing. In the terms of email marketing it is known as welcome messages.

What exactly are welcome messages?

Welcome messages:

Welcome messages are those messages that you send when you have converted your users. When the user subscribes or creates an account that is when you send a welcome message. Welcome messages are very important, and it makes the customer feels attended.

Welcome messages are known to be very powerful marketing tools. According to a statistic, welcome messages generate 320% more revenue and that is the reason why these welcome messages are so vital.
Welcome messages should be properly formatted with perfect designs and style. There are several goals for using welcome messages. You need to make sure that the customer gets an idea of the journey with your products and services.

There are many companies that send excellent welcome messages to the customers and in this particular content we will try to find out the top 12 welcome messages that are really the game changers.

1. Wishing the customer about their successful subscription

This is the most important part of your business welcome letter new client. You send a welcome message to your customer so that your customer feels right about being there. Your customer should realize that the subscription has been successful, and he is ready to go. It works like a virtual handshake confirming future benefits.

These messages are used to make sure the customer has a good rapport with you and the relationship continues for a longer time. The style of your messages would reflect the general style and format of your business.

Here is an example of a great welcome message by “Find me a gift”. The one thing that makes their welcome message quite popular is that they provide a message with a happy vibe.

2. Establishing the communication channel

When the users are filling up the registration form, then they check a small box agreeing on receiving newsletters for your side. But still it is a good idea to make sure that you remind them once more about the channel that they are going to use in your welcome greeting messages. Let’s check out an example.

In the case of the welcome message provided by MarketingSherpa, they provide different options from where the users can choose the preferred one for themselves. They have also put the different social media platform icons at the bottom.

This is basically giving your user a freedom to choose the best and the preferred way to get communicated with you.

3. Website welcome message

Basically a welcome message is that message that lets you to showcase your platform and your identity. This is a great way of presenting your products and services to your potential customer. This is very clearly seen in the welcome messages of InVision. When the user subscribes, they get welcome message with four videos that showcases the features of their platforms.

There is another way which is way simpler. This can be seen in the case of Medium. Here simple text is used to showcase the users what they are getting from the platform of Medium.

4. The exciting welcome offer which is limited

This is a very old trick and a very cunning way of attracting the customer furthermore towards your brand. When you give a reward or an offer when your customers visits for the first time in your welcome message then the customer actually gets positivity from your side. This will strengthen your bond with the customer. This offer will push them to go for shopping. This will increase when your offer has a limited time period.

The popular fashion company, Ralf Lauren has been providing the 10% discount on their first purchase. Although 10% is not a huge offer, but here the customer will use it instead of letting it go for waste.

5. Personal Welcome message

Personalizing your welcome message is very much important. When you start using your customer name in the welcome message, the person will feel special. Using name is a great way of connecting to the customer immediately. Use the customer’s name and also if it is possible then, use their location too, urging them to get your product from the nearest location.

When you use grammarly, you can find this trick has been used. They use the first name to address their visitors.

6. Urge your users to explore

The main idea behind your welcome message to make sure that your user continues browsing your site. You can use a CTA button in your welcome message that will lead your user to the purchase section.

Asos uses this technique very well. They are a clothing store and they use the button “Explore Asos” in their welcome messages.

7. Use CTA buttons

It is a very good idea to use CTA button in the welcome messages such as the following:

  • Shop Now
  • Explore
  • Download
  • Get started

You can clearly see, in the case of Pinterest, hey uses “Poke around some pins” and “Take a ride” etc in their welcome messages.

8. Unsubscribe button in the welcome message

Adding the “unsubscribe button” in your welcome messages is not a bad idea. You need to appreciate the real users feeling. If they do not want to receive your email’s then give them that chance to unsubscribe. This will not make your less valuable but it will increase the value of your product.

If you check Camelbak, you can find that they have used the unsubscribe link on their welcome messages.

9. Welcoming your customer back

If you have a Live Chat on your site then you can go for this particular technique. You can welcome back your customers who have visited you for the second time or the third. When you call them by the name and welcome them back, this has a great impact on your customer.

HelpCrunch Welcome message is the perfect example for this scenario.

10. Use “Thank you for joining” on your welcome message

This is a popular technique and most of the sites use as a welcome message template. This is also a very important one although it seems to be very simple. A simple thank you is quite effective. When the customer fills up the form and their details which is a time consuming process although it does not take that, much time but still they utilize their quality time and when they are done with their sign up, a little thank your message will increase your value.

When you check the website of Puma, the sports footwear brand, they send a “Thank You” before your sign up completes.

11. Unique Welcome messages works

This is where you graphic designers need to work hard. There are so many unique things that you can use here right from images and videos. The content here should be really good. You can also choose to be funny in these new customer welcome letter template.

The “You are in” message in the Brooklinen website is a great way of welcoming customers.

12. Mix it up

You can actually go a step further by mixing up your welcome text message for customers

with different stuff. You can use a CTA button once the registration is complete. You can also use an offer along with the “thank you note”.

If you see the website of IKEA, there are several options that their customers can engage with. There are buttons where the customers can choose for a loyalty program and social media links etc


From the above 12 techniques it is quite clear that you need to think a bit differently to make more user engagements or you can also go for Upsend, which is a good and popular platform where you can avail such services that can help you on your email marketing campaigns.