Building a solid brand is practically impossible without people. This shows how crucial a strong relationship with people is.

A well-defined target audience knows what they want and won’t transact business with companies that do not satisfy these basic demands and rather choose to do business with competition.


Customer Relationship is a relationship with a special bond that exists between buyers and sellers as a result of customer service processes, marketing, and sales.

Customers aren’t meant to be wooed and left. Good customer relations are built and developed over time. They remain stable only if consumer-business interactions are beneficial for both parties.


1. Save Customers’ Time

In a digitized era with a strong promise of fast delivery, no one likes to queue or be kept waiting. If there are modern communication channels, it is definitely unacceptable to keep customers waiting.

If the situation, however, is not within control, like the company experiencing a busy season, lead the customers through the waiting process by defusing the situation in a professional way by;

  • Estimating the wait time
  • Speeding up the conversation with canned responses
  • Communicating every step of the way

2. Give Customers Individual treatment

By giving customers VIP treatment, you make them feel valued and special. User experience, not only quality products, is a major factor that contributes to high customer satisfaction.

Don’t treat customers like an academic project expected to be completed by the end of the day, but rather deliver personalized services to them as individuals.

  • Call them by their names; Getting on the first-name basis with customers will bring you both closer and make visitors feel appreciated as pointed out by a study.
  • Keep order history; It’s advised that you track order history and offer personalized recommendations to customers whether they are regular customers or not.
  • Go to an extra mile; You need to show genuine interest in customers’ lives if you want them to patronize your brand. Simple gestures like sending a letter or a thank you card goes a long way in showing customers that you care.

3. Stay positive throughout Interactions

Customer service is an attitude, not a department.

You will encounter many people throughout your customer service career. Some will inspire you to do better, while some will steal your motivation and feed on your positivity.

What you should however always remember is that customer service is about helping people. Your performance shouldn’t be affected by people’s bad moods. Set a positive state of mind by following these two simple steps;

  • Use positive language; Creative a positive environment for yourself and customers by resorting to affirmative words (exactly, surely, etc) and empathy statements (Let me look into it, etc).
  • Smile; Smiling releases endorphins to our bodies that make us feel overly happy and motivated enough to deliver excellent services to all customers.

4. Exceed Customers’ Expectations in Positive Ways Always

If a customer service agent promised to call you back with a solution in a specified amount of time but in fact, didn’t, how would you feel? You would feel frustrated, let-down, and deceived, right?

This is why you shouldn’t promise gifts you cannot afford. Set reasonable and clear expectations that will be resolved throughout the conversation and confirm your credibility.

Honesty and clear communication are two customer service skills that will help you avoid humiliation.

5. Introduce Loyalty Programs to Show Appreciation to Clients

Targeting customers with special programs act as an incentive to revisit your store and encourages a product repurchase.

To benefit customers and keep them close, try introducing one or more of loyalty programs that offer a different type of user engagement;

  • Gift cards
  • Birthday cards
  • Points program
  • Game program
  • The tiered program, etc.

6. Handle Negative Feedback Well

You are very wrong if you think receiving negative comments will permanently tarnish your company’s reputation.

Customers’ opinions give valuable insight into a company’s management system. There is always room for improvement regardless of the company you work for (be it a start-up or a well-established company).

7. Look for Contact with Customers Always

It is your responsibility as a business owner to look for constant contact with clients- before, during, and after-sales...Don’t count on them to stay in touch.

Here are some ideas to strengthen their relationship with clients.

  • Send newsletters
  • Offer small gifts
  • Send personalized emails
  • Include them in your PR outreach
  • Invite them to follow a company blog
  • Share their posts on social media platforms


You will never form long-lasting relationships with clients if you aren’t looking for contact with them.

To effectively maintain relationships with consumers, what you should do is deploy a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program that would track customer activities, analyze their behavior and deliver solutions, A program that will care for clients for you.

Here are some examples of best CRM programs that will earn your customers’ trust and consequently bond with them.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM in a forever free plan offers the most basic and essential marketing, sales, and service management tools that give unlimited access to the following options.

  • Recording clients-agent conversations
  • Contacting customers via email/live chats/bots
  • Tracking customers’ inquiries from all platforms (social media, phone calls, emails
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Sending user activity notifications
  • Sending personalized messages/emails
  • Designing customers’ profile
  • HubSpot is mostly recommended to small businesses new to the CRM world that want to test their options before they decide on one.

Zoho CRM

This CRM program is designed to manage customers’ interaction with web integration, lead management sources for casting, and many more features.

It differs from the rest of CRM software as it offers the assistance of AI-powered bots which handles some of the interactions by;

  • Making a forecast about future sales
  • Gathering and delivering information on demand
  • Automating troublesome tasks for CS representatives


Customer Retention Strategy is Cost-effective

Attracting new customer cost five times more than keeping ones according to research. Prioritize and keep targeting regular clients as strong business-customer relationships translate into high probability selling and increased profit.

Increases Number of Loyal Customers

A loyal customer keeps patronizing you and recommending your brand to third parties only after experiencing impeccable customer service from you.

Reduces Customer Churn Rate

Exceptional customer service is a crucial component in an effective churn-rate reduction and customer satisfaction improvement.

In conclusion, a lack of clients means bankruptcy. One time buyer means temporary money.

Building a rock-solid relationship that would last years with clients is the most reliable way of generating income. It is worth giving a shot.