Your current customers as well as any prospects want their questions answered. Failing to do so most will most likely result in your potential customers abandoning your website and going to your competitor.
The same can be said for your current customers. Failing to answer their questions could directly lose you money. And that is something you definitely do not want to happen. Ever.
The best way to ensure your current and potential customers alike quickly get answers to their questions is to use live chat software.
Live chat software is a proven way to increase conversions, brand loyalty, and overall customer experience.

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It is clear how significant live chat software can be for your business. Figuring out which live chat software is the best is not so clear.
Picking the wrong live chat software could have bad consequences.
One of the most popular live chat software currently available on the market is is a free live chat software that is designed to help you chat and monitor the visitors on your website, mobile app, and a customizable page.
It is easy to get started – setting up takes a minute and you are then free to invite your teammates to the app and start chatting with your visitors.’s advantages

Currently, allows you to easily deliver personalized service and support to your customers. It also allows you to monitor the traffic on your website so that you can quickly answer your customers as soon as they need you.
Additionally, you can initiate a chat with your website and app users, which can be potential new sales channels if done correctly.’s shortcomings and problems

Even with such popularity, the app still suffers from problems. For instance, during our testing, we were not able to receive chat inquiries to our email while we were offline.
Also, the app crashed a few times and on more than one occasion, the widget which the customers use to start chatting with you simply disappears.
Their support team was eventually able to fix some of the problems but getting them to do so was a pain.
Yes, it is obvious that is a free app so it is kind of expected that these things happen.
However, even as a free app, you must respect other people's time, especially when your app is designed to help users be more satisfied with the customer service.
If you run into similar problems, or just want to see what alternatives are available, stick around as we explore the 3 best alternatives currently available on the market.

Our rating system

Before that, we just need to tell you how we chose the 3 best alternatives. We tried over 15 live chat apps that are available on the market. We vigorously tested and compared them to come up with the 3 best.
For the three best alternatives, we have tested them for five weeks. Our tests were performed using the same web app and we are rating the alternatives on a 1 to 5 scale, focusing on the following parameters:

  • User experience – How easy is it to use the software?
  • Standout features – What are they and are they any good?
  • Pricing – Does the software justify its cost?
  • Customer support effectiveness – How good is the company’s support?

Now that we got that cover, let us explore the 3 best alternatives. – alternative for those looking to unify all their sales, marketing, and customer support messaging into one platform

UpSend is an all-in-one communication and customer engagement platform designed for early-stage startups.
UpSend's philosophy is that the key to great product experience is great customer communication and engagement.
Unfortunately, that can quickly get very expensive, which is why UpSend is offering a fair price.

Advantages of

UpSend features a live chat widget to engage your customers and prospects. This alternative also allows you to automate your email communication to make it more streamlined. In addition to the live chat widget, UpSend works in-app and helps your customers navigate through your dashboard and find and see how any of your features work.
Additionally, UpSend also features a knowledge base that allows you to organize all your information in a single place which can help your customer support team, as well as your other teammates, get the info they need faster.

Shortcomings of

Since the app is not yet launched, all the bugs and problems are being worked on and should be fixed before the app is available to the public.’s pricing

Currently, it is offering an up to 50% pre-launch discount. If you sign up for the waitlist you could end up winning a free Premium plan. vs – how are they different? prides itself on its free pricing – they earn money by offering you to remove their branding and encouraging you to hire their live chat agents.
UpSend on the other hand tells you exactly what you get for your money. There are no hidden costs.
UpSend also has more customer-centered features than which is a simple live chat software.’s ratings as a alternative

  • User experience: 4
  • Standout features: 5
  • Pricing: 5
  • Customer support effectiveness: 5

Total: 4.75/5

Crisp – alternative for startups and SMBs

Crisp is a customer messaging platform designed to give your customer messaging experience human touch. It helps you simplify your customer support by unifying all your messaging channels into one shared inbox. This can help you answer all your customer messages from one place.

Advantages of Crisp

Crips features automate messages for more proactive customer services, rich-media sharing, and it can be customized to fit your brand.
Additionally, Crisp has a CRM that can help you improve your knowledge about customers and leads.

Shortcomings of Crisp

The biggest issue with Crips is that sometimes it can be glitchy and sometimes the notifications can be quite late, especially when using the mobile app.

Crisp’s pricing

Crisp is currently available in three packages:

  • A free one for personal websites and those that want a basic chat
  • A $25 per month per website for early-stage startups
  • A $95 per month per website for those that are looking for a full-feature customer communication solution.

Crisp vs – how are they different?

Crisp has more features than is a generally snappier app, even with the glitches. Their customer support is also much more responsive than the support of

Crisp’s ratings as a alternative

User experience: 4/5

Standout features: 5/5

Pricing: 3/5

Customer support effectiveness: 5/5
Total: 4.5/5

Tidio – alternative with chatbots

Tidio is a live chat software boosted with bots that are created to get you more sales and skyrocket your customer engagement.

Advantages of Tidio

All messaging channels are streamlined into one dashboard, making it easier to communicate with your customers.

The AI that trains the chatbots in Tidio can recognize customers' queries and give according to answers.
The chatbots can also help with upselling, cart abandonments, and lead generation, which makes Tidio one of the few truly unique (with UpSend begin the other) alternatives.

Shortcomings of Tidio

Some features that are free in other alternatives have to be paid in Tidio, which is a huge minus when comparing the apps.

There are also some weird solutions to certain UI problems which could confuse some users, especially first-timers.

Tidio’s pricing

Tidio has 4 pricing plans. The free one which gives you all the essential live chat, chatbot, and email features.

There are also 3 paid plains:

  • Chatbots plan starts at $18 per month and includes unlimited chatbots;
  • Communication plan starts at $18 per month and includes features to better segmentize your customer;
  • Mailing plan starts at $10 per month and includes email-focused features.

Tidio vs – how are they different?

Similar to Crisp, Tidio offers more bang for your buck than However, due to so many features, it can be hard to use for first-timers.

Tidio’s ratings as a alternative

User experience: 3/5

Standout features: 5/5

Pricing: 4/5

Customer support effectiveness: 4/5

Total: 4/5

Final thoughts

So there you have it, the three best alternatives currently available. While all three of them are great, all of them might not work for you

If you are looking for a alternative that unifies all your messaging and is fairly priced, UpSend is the right choice for you.

If you are looking for a feature-packed but costly alternative, Crisp could be the choice for your website or app.

And if you are looking for a chatbot-heavy alternative, consider getting Tidio.