Communication can make or break your business. If you can effectively communicate with your customers, it can easily lead to increased sales and referrals.

If you are not good at communicating with your customers, it could reduce your sales and lead to a negative reputation.

To improve your customer communication in today's digital world, you should use live chat software on your website, which is likely the first point of contact your customers have with you.

Many companies use Smartsupp live chat software to help them handle their customer communication.


Smartsupp's advantages

Smartsupp can help you seamlessly integrate your live chat, email, and Facebook Messenger into one platform, allowing you to quickly answer your inquiries.

Smartsupp's shortcomings and problems

Even though Smartsupp is a popular choice for live chat software, it is not without its flaws, namely its limited functionality. For this reason, today, we will be exploring some of the best Smartsupp alternatives, but let us first see our rating system.

Our rating system

Here are the parameters to rank all the Smartsupp alternatives.

  • User experience – How easy is it to use this Smartsupp alternative?
  • Standout features – Are there any, and are they any good?
  • Pricing – Is the price justified?

Customer support effectiveness – How good is the developer's customer service when they are asked tricky questions

Now that you know how we rank – let us explore the three best Smartsupp alternatives.

Upsend – The best Smartsupp alternatives for those looking to unify their customer service, sales, and marketing messaging into one platform

Upsend is a customer communication and engagement platform built for startups. Upsend offers the perfect solution for your live chat needs.

Upsend is on a mission to provide a reasonably priced customer communication and sales platform, which all companies, regardless of their size, can use.

Advantages of Upsend

What makes Upsend different is the top of the line live chat widget that your existing and potential customers can use to get in contact with you quickly.

Upsend's widget can help you reach your prospects and answer any of their questions to convert them into your customers more quickly.

When your customers are concerned, you can use the live chat widget to help them out with anything they might need, which leads to better customer satisfaction.


Other features of Upsend include the customer data hub, a platform that stores all the info you have about your customers as well as any communication history you might have with them.

The customer data hub acts as a mini CRM for your live chat.

Upsend also has a built-in email marketing platform that you can use to send targeted and automated marketing emails to your customers, helping you convert your leads while you sleep and grow even more.

With Upsend, your customer support agents can efficiently multitask and handle multiple conversations at once.

Thanks to Upsend, your prospects and customers will more quickly get their questions answered.

Shortcomings of Upsend

Since Upsend is in pre-launch, there are some usual glitches present.

However, you will never see them as all of them will be fixed once Upsend is launched.

Upsend's pricing

Currently, Upsend is available in pre-order. If you buy Upsend now, for only $49, you will get the lifetime premium plan, plus beta access, VIP customer support, and many other perks!


Upsend vs. Smartsupp – how are they different?

Upsend's features look very promising. Even though Upsend is the new kid on the block, Smartsupp and all other live chat software currently available on the market will have to make room for an excellent new competitor.

Upsend's ratings as one of the best Smartsupp alternatives

  • User experience: 4/5
  • Standout features: 5/5
  • Pricing: 5/5
  • Customer support effectiveness: 5/5

Total: 4.7/5

GoSquared – One of the best Smartsupp alternatives for those companies looking to grow with the help of live chat software

GoSquared Live Chat and Team Inbox are part of the GoSquared family of products designed to help you achieve more growth.

The purpose of the live chat and team inbox software is to help you capture more leads and win more customers by instantly answering any of their questions.

Advantages of GoSquared

With GoSquared Live Chat and Team Inbox, you can easily be there for any visitor so that you can quickly respond and assist them in the hopes of turning them into customers.

While the primary purpose of GoSquared Live Chat and Team Inbox is to increase your conversions, there are also more of them.

GoSquared Live Chat and Team Inbox also helps you build more meaningful relationships with your potential and current customers.

GoSquared is also proud of its team inbox system, which is designed to help you collaboratively capture leads and convert them.

They do this by providing real-time messaging, full visitor history powered by analytics engine, and social profiles to know precisely who you are talking to at any moment.


With GoSquared, you can easily see what each of your agents is doing and which of your customers need your urgent attention.

GoSquared also has internal notes for easier contextualization.

Shortcomings of GoSquared

GoSquared is missing various of the integrations that other competitors featured in this post have.

Also, when you get into the more advanced features, this pricing quickly goes up, which may discourage some potential users.

GoSquared's pricing

The current price of GoSquared Live Chat and Team Inbox depends on the number of 'profiles,' which can be defined as unique website visitors.


GoSquared vs. Smartsupp – how are they different?

GoSquared is a much more complex app than Smartsupp (and frankly, all other live chat software featured in this post).

If you are serious about committing to the platform and the benefits it promises, go with GoSquared.

GoSquared's ratings as one of the best Smartsupp alternatives

  • User experience: 4/5
  • Standout features: 4/5
  • Pricing: 3/5
  • Customer support effectiveness: 5/5

Total: 4/5

PureChat – One of the best Smartsupp alternatives for small and mid-size businesses looking for a simple live chat solution

PureChat is a live chat software that promises to connect you with your website visitors.

It was designed with the intention to help provide better conversation for website owners and their visitors when it matters the most with the ultimate end-goal being to turn them into customers.

To install it, all you need to do is paste a snippet of code into your website's source code.

Advantages of PureChat

The features of PureChat include a simple and easy to install live chat solution. You have full control over how it looks like on mobile and desktop.

The company behind PureChat promises full transparency in your relationship.

Other features include a conversation history where you can reference any previous conversation by looking at any historical chat transcripts.

They also have canned responses to accurately and quickly respond to some of the most common chat requests you get.


Shortcomings of PureChat

When we tested out the app, we often ran into the problem of late notification.

Sometimes, the notifications were late for 5+ minutes, which kind of defeats the purpose of live chat software, which is primarily used to respond to your customers or prospects quickly.

Also, sometimes it randomly logs you out, which means that you have to re-login.

This is a potential deal-breaker for many, as you can actually never be sure if you are logged in or not without monitoring it all the time.

However, if you do not have that many website visitors, PureChat could still be worthy for you.

PureChat's pricing

PureChat is currently offered in two different plans - Growth and Pro.

The main difference between the two – other than the price of Pro being 2x higher – is that the number of websites it can be used on, and the number of SMS notifications you can receive.

Also, the Growth version has non-removable branding, which some of you might not find appealing.

PureChat vs. Smartsupp – how are they different?

PureChat is only a live chat app, while Smartsupp plans on working with email and Facebook Messenger in the future.

If you are only looking for live chat software, PureChat could still be an excellent choice for your business.


PureChat’s ratings as one of the best Smartsupp alternatives

  • User experience: 3/5
  • Standout features: 4/5
  • Pricing: 3/5
  • Customer support effectiveness: 5/5

Total: 3.75/5

Final thoughts

You now know more about customer communication and the role live chat software like Smartsupp plays in improving your customer communication.

With that knowledge and our rankings of the three best Smartsupp alternatives will help you pick the best Smartsupp alternative for your business.

To sum up:

If you are looking for the best Smartsupp alternatives overall, UpSend is the right choice for you.

But if you are looking for a Smartsupp alternative to help you grow or handle the live chat of your small or medium-sized business, you should go with GoSquared or PureChat, respectively.